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Lancaster Railway Club
An LMRCA club


It’s pretty common knowledge today that dwindling, or at least aging, memberships are a real and genuine concern for a large number of clubs in the UK & Ireland. The challenge facing many is to promote junior members into full members, convert other nomadic club members into static club members, and satisfy the existing membership while attracting enough visitors to balance the books. It’s a permanent fixture on the agenda of club committee meetings up and down the country.


The Clubhouse delivers value to a member, not only in financial savings but in a social sense too. Most clubs provide a substantial discount to members in the bar and don’t invest in there clubs fabric or development, how ever we prefer to invest in our club for the future of our Members and Children but when we are available to offer our members various promotions we jump at it and post the good news around the website. The atmosphere also in your clubhouse can also provide a real sense of belonging. Life doesn’t afford many opportunities for meeting new people in an easier environment than your clubhouse, and you set it against the feeling of walking in as a visitor, the advantage is self-evident the familiar atmosphere, recognised faces, competitive prices and investment in your club are significant benefits.

You can also feel comfortable using the club as a place to relax, be it before a game of snooker, after a game, or simply as a social club. That’s not to suggest that most clubs don’t welcome visitors warmly, far from it, but it’s fair to say that as a club member here you have a sense of belonging, whereas as a visitor there can be a feeling of intrusion. What follows is a brief list of what we here at The Railway Club Sport & Social Club, Lancaster branch of the London Midland Railway Clubs Association (L.M.R.C.A.) aim to provide to you.

What’s in it for me?

  •  A Private, safe & secure venue for your Social, Relaxation & Entertainment needs.
  •  A Clean and Modern Private Club House (Inc. Excellent Disabled & Baby Changing Facilities).
  •  A Private and safe environment to bring your family and guests.
  •  Access to LMRCA National sporting events calendar.
  •  Internal sports team access (if you’re good enough! Just look at our bulging trophy cabinets).
  •  A club pushing the boundaries of development & its offer to its membership.
  •  Companionship from a friendly community of friends.
  •  Access to Membership Bingo every Wednesday and Sunday (Loads of Money).
  •  FREE access to monthly members night including members draw, Raffles & prizes.
  •  FREE access to live entertainment every Sunday Evening (Please refer to The Green Ayre Suite what’s on).
  •  FREE Wi-Fi
  •  Internal Competitions and Raffles to name a couple.
  •  Access to a well maintained & secure Beer Garden (Sorry No Dogs allowed with the exception of Members registered dogs for the blind).
  •  A supportive Committee following up your positive ideas.
  •  Access to the Green Ayre suite for that special occasion at an attractive members rate.
  •  Access to a full size well maintained championship Snooker table.
  •  A wide choice of well-maintained quality drinks at a competitive rate.
  •  Support and Networking via other experienced club members.
  •  Access to the railway family fun days including entrance is sometimes free and sponsored by your club (Family’s Annual what’s on).
  •  Access to live Sky and BT Sport on various screens throughout the Castle bar. (Please refer to Weekly what’s on).
  •  Members Savings clubs.

Where to join

So, if you’re won over by the true value of a membership, how do you decide where to join? Of Course you have to consider where your friends are members, what’s local and where you’ll find the right kind of atmosphere. We hope we can meet all these needs so why not join us today?

Just call in for a membership application form.

Application Process

Thank you for wishing to join us and we hope we can process your application quickly.

Firstly collect a copy of the application form directly from the Lancaster Railway Sport & Social Club.

Complete all questions in a clear print format.

Please note that at least one of the proposing fully paid up members must have held The Lancaster Railway clubs membership for a minimum of two years, and can vouch for your respectability.

The Applicant must submit their application personally. Then please ask the bar staff for a brown envelope and insert your fully completed application form and seal it, address it to the Membership Secretary and hand it back to the Bar staff member or committee member who will then make sure it is delivered correctly.

Upon receiving your application form the membership secretary will post your name and address up on the relevant noticeboards within the clubhouse, for 48 Hours this gives our current membership the opportunity to raise any issues should they have any with the membership committee.

After the completed 48 Hours your details are taken down, and your application will be submitted to the membership committee to discuss and vote on at their earliest convenience.

After the meeting you shall be contacted regarding your membership outcome, there are, at present two options, firstly you shall be notified of your acceptance and requested to attend the club personally with your first years membership fee, currently £15.00  (Many congratulations, and Welcome to the family Please note all new members are on a 6 month probation period and some Members Draw’s may not be applicable for the first Month of joining depending on the date of acceptance, please seek committee advice before entering the draw if not sure to avoid disappointment) or the second  stage would be your application has been declined and you will be notified via mail. LRSSC Committee reserves the right not give reasons for the non acceptance of applications. Sorry, you are also advised not to reapply.

Should your application be declined you will only be allowed to enter the Club once a month, and you would need to be signed in by a currant fully paid up member.

Regrettably The Lancaster Railway Sport & Social Club does not have an application appeal process.

Smoking, E-Cigarette, Vaping and Drugs Policy

Smoking is not allowed within the clubs Building but allowed within the purpose built designated areas which are situated out side the Members Castle Bar and Green Ayre Suite and also including the Members Garden Area. Please dispose of Cigarette ends in the provided ash trays and collectors, Many Thanks. Regrettably it is also recently the policy of the committee that E-Cigarettes and Vaping are no longer allowed to be used or consumed within the Clubs Building, but allowed through out the clubs out side grounds. DRUGS both the participation / use or dealing, The Club’s Committee and Membership has a Zero tolerance policy through out the Buildings and Grounds of LRSSC.

Subscriptions & Renewal

Subscriptions become payable at 7.00pm on the 17th May 2021 ( Goverment permitting) these can be paid via cash or card, NO over the telephone payments can be accepted.

Membership cards must be submitted with your fee to be updated by the Membership Secretary, any membership card that is not forth coming there will be an admin charge of an extra £5.00 to be added.

Fobs are not required to be submitted any one lost there Fobs and require a new one there is a charge of £5.00.

All Members Fobs will not be working from the 17th May 2021 so to gain access to renew your membership the door bell will need to be rung, Should renewal not have been completed, the Fobs will never Work from the 18th June and the Member will become an ex member and will have to re apply.  

Membership cards and full payments must reach our Membership Secretary NO LATER THAN 11.59pm 17th June 2021. An exception will only be applied under exceptional circumstances and solely at the discretion of our Membership Secretary. From the 18th June 2021 members who have not paid become ex members and should speak to the Membership secretary without delay on there reason for being late and what option’s are open to them, which could be one of two. Firstly if they can pay to reactivate there membership with the current late payment fee of £15.00. Or have to re apply, please note the options are totally at the Membership Secretary’s discretion and would be final.

2021 Renewal Fees are

Non-Voting Associate Member……………………..£10.00

Full Voting General Member…………………………£10.00

Non – Voting Member Over 60s………………………£5.00

Full Voting Member Over 60s………………………….£5.00

New None Voting Member…………………………..£15.00

Yearly Fees are set by the Committee in the preceding December each and every year and notified to the membership before Renewal.

Associate members are automatically upgraded to General member status after 5 years consecutive service, and only if they have not been suspended for any time period over 3 months from the club during that time.

Any member having be been suspended from the Club by the committee over 3 months shall loose general member status.

Children / Young Person’s Policy

The Law of the land that dictates most of our Children’s policy.  Children are regrettably not allowed at the Bar even to purchase a bag of crisps and a soft drink.

  •  Children / young person’s under the age of 14 must / have to leave the Club by 8.30pm (The Castle Bar & Beer Garden)
  •  Children are allowed after 8.30pm if accompanying an Adult or invited adult at a private Function in the Green Ayre suite
  •  Children are still not allowed to approach The Green Ayre Suite Bar
  •  Young persons over the age of 14 are allowed in the club after 8.30 pm accompanied by an Adult Member
  •  Young persons under 18 years are not allowed to use or play the gaming machines either in the Castle Bar or Green Ayre Suite.
  •  Young persons under the age of 15 are not allowed to use the Pool or Snooker Table.
  •  Alcohol will not be served to anyone under the age of 18 years old and ‘Check 21/25’ documentation will be requested by the bar staff who must be satisfied with its authentication.
  •  Young persons under the age of 18 years who are suspected of having consumed alcohol off the premises before arrival will be removed from the club.

For safety reasons it is strongly advisable that any children on the clubs premises must be closely supervised by a parent or guardian at all times, Thank You.

Full children’s / Young person’s policy can be obtained from the club’s secretary during trading hours.

L.R.S.S.C. Full Member rule book

A full copy of all The Railway Sports & Social Club rules & regulations can be obtained from the Clubs secretary during Trading Hours

L.M.R.C.A. Rules,Terms & Conditions

A full copy of these Major Rules and Regulations can be obtained from the Clubs Secretary during Trading Hours.