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Lancaster Railway Club
An LMRCA club

The Members Garden

The Members Garden is to the rear of The Railway Sport & Social club, and comes surrounded in limited height secure fencing around its perimeter. Access is through The Castle Bar (Members only), and the Green Ayre Suite with a locked service gate to the gable end of the Building with a secure flower Garden in raised beds and a smoking Area plus access allowing equipment through. The area has a lush Turf covering which is cared for, and maintained regular in the growing months. There are 11 wooden tables & seating stations with large umbrellas should you need shade. Rubbish bins and ash trays are present in which to maintain the area in a clean and safe condition for all. The Garden is monitored by closed circuit video recording for our members & client security. Children can be let loose in this area however parents need to monitor their own children’s welfare.

Please Note: All Non Members must be signed in at the bar prior to the use of the clubs facilities by a fully paid up member, at a payable rate of £1 per guest. The signing Member is fully responsible for their guest whilst on the clubs premises, and the noon member guest must depart when the signing member departs. Regarding the club and its members safety & security, please be careful on who you sign into your club.

We fully welcome registered dogs for the blind with their owners throughout the clubs premises

Members please note:-

  • Regrettably No dogs, Hamsters, Lions, Giraffe’s, Hippos, Rhinos, Panthers, Anacondas or anything else that can Eat or Harm our kids are allowed into the Garden, Sorry! .
  • All drinks consumed out in the garden area must be purchased via the Bar
  • No Litter to be deposited on the Ground / Grass or over the fences, please use the provided bin and ashtrays.
  • Careful of ball games close to the fence by the Main Road and please don’t allow the kicking of balls up against the Building, Thank you.
  • Members are fully responsible for all their Party / Family’s activities while on the premises.
  • Your club would appreciate empties returned to the bar from the garden when departing. Thank you.

Fun Days & Family Days

The Railway Sport & Social club Committee aim to run Member Fun days every year (Weather permitting), which are well attended by many family members and turn out to be a very good social occasions. The day normally consists of Disco and indoor games from our DJ, Barney. Inflatable structures & Bouncy castles for the little ones to wear themselves out in the garden, Freshly cooked burgers, Hot Dogs etc. from the Clubs BBQ, Outdoor games & prizes covering adults as well as Children just to name a few of the days activities as well as that all important family bonding.


The Club has had a purpose built BBQ for many years now, which is used occasional during the weekends during the summer months (weather permitting) for Fun days, BBQ days, as well as member personal family use. Upon application to the committee our Local Members, who live within local terraced housing with little / no garden space, like the opportunity to bring the extended family out and use the BBQ and Clubs facilities. The use is normally free to club members, however the member is responsible for the fuel, food, equipment & utensils and serving plates and cutlery, most importantly the safety of their family. The Club also requests that the area be left clean and tidy (please note all drinks & beverages must be purchased via the bar).

Family Picnic’s

The Garden Summer Picnic

To run from Spring until the offer is abused.

Your Committee would like to open the Garden for Members to bring your own family picnics.

(Weather permitting)

This following terms and conditions strictly apply.

  • Suitable cold picnic food only would be allowed to be brought into the premises, NO Drink would be allowed. All soft drinks, Alcohol and beverages must be purchased from the bar; please bear in mind your club needs this support.
  • No heating / cooking equipment allowed e.g. Mini BBQ Trays etc.
  • The club is unable to supply disposable or otherwise cups, napkins; black bin bags, plates, cutlery etc. so please bring and remove your own.
  • All food waste MUST be removed prior to departure (we are sorry but the club does not have the resources at present to deal with this so please take it home with you).
  • Picnics can only be consumed in the Members / Beer Garden so please check the weather before arrival to avoid disappointment.
  • Family picnics are not allowed during Fun days etc. as catering is normally provided.

From all the committee and the clubs personnel thank you and enjoy your day.

“For safety reasons it is strongly advisable that any children on the clubs premises must be closely supervised by a parent or guardian at all times, Thank You.”