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Lancaster Railway Club
An LMRCA club

Members Annual Family what’s on?

August Bank Holiday

Saturday 20th August 2022 @1pm -4pm TBC

Family Day

Open to Members children, grandchildren & great grandchildren
Now this is when the year is at its best and we seem to have more energy so what is better than to burn it off with a Family Fun Day provided by your Clubs Stewards & Committee to bring that great feeling back, Summer is here!

That’s it, maybe the bouncy castle is erected (weather permitting) send out the kids to run riot and wear themselves out we hope.

Music provided inside and out is by our geniuses DJ with a choice of modern classics or chart toppers. Raffles are run through the afternoon to raise funds for various club teams with great prizes your support is vital and very much appreciated.

Games normally follow and have been known to be inside and outside (Weather permitting) with both children as well as adults competing. Prizes to be won or lost!

And now that we have all gained an appetite the BBQ is fired up with burgers & onions (weather permitting) or Hot Dogs from the kitchen to keep us all going. There is normally a small charge for these to cover costs.

From the Committee have a safe and great day.


Saturday & Sunday 29th & 30th October 2022 @ 1pm-4pm

Open to Members children, grandchildren & great grandchildren

Well it always goes bump in the night at the club on this misty dark moonlight sky as the flesh eating bats come out of the rafters and the witches and zombies take over on this special and very popular event of the year for our younger gremlins. There is also a potion served across the bar should you be brave enough, careful the witches are brewing.

Fancy dress is the order for the event with prizes to be won and those pumpkins that have seen so much work invested in them over the past couple of days are also up for judging by the big bad wizard or the crackling old witches.
All this scaring, especially after the nasty wizard of the DJ table Batty Barney has been playing his spell inflicted games and music to trap his victims can give one hunger. So the witches stir there cauldrons to produce the succulent hot dogs in which to capture their little wizards and witches for their tasty meal later with the odd zombie in which to pick their teeth with to remove those tiny bones after.

Those crackling old witches have also been known to make those sticky toffee apples that send you to sleep and that secret toffee recipe that stops you talking, run little ones run. All this fear for Free this year as long as names are placed on the notice board in the club house for the first 60 to gain access to the grave yard party, can’t be bad.


Lancaster City Firework Display 2022

Saturday 5th November 2022 @ 6pm – 8.30pm 

This event at the club is strictly Members only for safety.

Open to Members children, grandchildren & great grandchildren
As a club that is so close and with a terrific view (weather permitting) of the Castle area in which the Firework display is conducted, offers our membership and their family a great early evening free event which is supported by our Stewards and Committee. The event normal starts with Barney our resident DJ spinning that turn table to the latest tunes and offering games, treats & prizes to our younger patrons from 6pm to 8pm so that they can warm themselves up ready for the trip outside.

Raffles are run through the early evening to raise funds for various club teams with great prizes. It has also been known for the club to offer for sale Hot Mulled Wine / Gluvine and a warm none alcoholic punch for our younger guests to keep them warm along with Hot Dogs with or without onions; Toffee apples and Toffee at a very reasonable price just to add that final touch to a great evening.

The Golden Oldies Christmas Party 2022

Friday 10th December 2022 @ 7.30pm – Finish

This event is the clubs big thank you to our long standing senior members.
The evening is supported with a live Artist free raffle all provided with compliments of your Club (Ann does Steve know about this he will have a fit. Lol).
Our senior members attending are more than welcome to bring along a Toy Boy, Dolly Bird or even sugar Daddies if they can find one!

Childrens Christmas Party 2022

Saturday 17th December & Sunday 18th December 2022 @ 1pm – 4pm ish

Choose your day to attend this great family event. Open to Members children, grandchildren & great grandchildren aged from 0 to 10 years old.
Well it’s here what every child has been waiting for and that’s included a few adult members that I know off.
Do you believe! You have to believe, I do believe!

The Afternoon normally commences with the arrival of our resident DJ who quickly starts stirring up everyone’s emotions to fever pitch in readiness of the great white beards arrival.

Our game selection normally consists of Pass the parcel, Simon says, Musical chairs and Musical statues to name just a few with treats and prizes galore

We have been lucky again this year that Father Christmas has lent us some of his elves that are busy in the kitchen putting together all those Hot Dogs for those hungry faces, let’s hope they are free as well. We don’t know when he is due to arrive but he has been known in the past to Have with him Selection box’s and party bags for all fans with the secret coded ticket, Fantastic. The Committee and stewards thank Santa Claus for remembering our little ones yet again. Thank You.

New Year’s Eve 2022

Saturday 31st December 2022 @ 7.30pm – Finish

Well the kids are in bed (you should be so lucky!) the babysitter is sorted (There goes my holiday funds!) let the party begin!!!
New Year’s Eve is The Railway Sport and Social clubs only adult family event of our yearly social calendar. The night is a fully paid up members event with priority booking given to members who have been in regular attendance during the year, the eveing , normally costs a miniscule £5.00 and is well known for booking up very quickly ( Members guests are allowed for £15.00 per ticket per person after and only after all members who wish to attend have been given priority seating). Seats for the members who do not use the club often and guests can only be booked when the table plan is put up in the Green Ayre suite (Concert Room) at date of the secretary’s discretion. No advance bookings are taken before this date “Sorry”.

The night starts to buzz with your table welcome pack, followed by Bingo throughout the evening and LIVE entertainment all way up to midnight with Background music when necessary and that great social interaction that we are all so well noted for.

Raffles are run throughout the night to raise funds for various club projects, selected Charitys and with the great Members yearly Draw and prizes (who’s going to win the round the world cruise this year then!).

As the Clock approaches midnight the room becomes an open room to all our members with in the club who are invited in to bring in the New Year with their fellow members.

We would like to take this opportunity to say HAPPY NEW TO YOU ALL. Here’s hoping you have a safe and healthy 2022 from your clubs committee, Stewards and staff.

The Committee reserves the right to change information with in the annual family what’s on at short notice

Easter 2022

Saturday 16th & Sunday 17th April 2022

Choose your day to attend this great family event. The Railway Club Easter Party Open to Members children, grandchildren & great grandchildren via Ticket only
It is with pleasure that your Committee and stewards can bring you this very well attended event yet again for another year to our younger guests the cost is normally £2.00 + per child and includes some of the following below. Our normal format for each day consists of our Resident DJ getting the day rocking with great music and floor games that meet the variation of age groups attending.

Competitions consisting of the best Easter Bonnet, Decorated Egg as well as the competitive egg & spoon race come thick and fast through the afternoon.
As the day progresses and appetites grow there is normally Hot Dogs for sale or included free of charge (funds permitting on occasions) with or with out onions and Red & Brown sauce for those smiling chocolate covered faces.

Towards the end of the afternoon it has been known for the Rare Easter Bunny to call in bearing Easter treats and even Easter eggs to every child with one of those very special tickets! God bless the Bunny.